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SINCE 1909

Cow Brand is a long seller in Japan with a history of over 100 years. It was founded by Narajiro Miyazaki in 1909. As management changed in 1931, Cow Brand Kyoushinsha Co., Ltd started to manufacture and sell the highest quality beauty soap, according to the principle of  “Quality is the First Priority”.

Cow Brand is a household-name brand in Japan and our Beauty Soap Red Box has sold approximately 130 million pieces every year there. The number suggests that at least one person of the Japanese population buys one piece of Beauty Soap Red Box, or in other words, 4 pieces of Beauty Soap Red Box are sold per second. Nonetheless, other products from Cow Brand are also making great sales every year in Japan.

Cow Brand managed to expand its business internationally to continents i.e. Asia, Australia, Europe, and America. With great effort, Cow Brand managed to score the highest export volume in the beauty soap industry, and succeeded in increasing the popularity of the Cow Brand name overseas.

The Cow is a symbolic logo that reflects our passion and wisdom. Cows do not know the meaning of moving backwards, only moving forward with diligence and hard work. We adopt this behavior into our own company culture. On top of that, cows are also characteristically gentle and obedient, traits that are admired by many people.

Our products, such as the Beauty Soap Red Box & Blue Box, Bouncia Body Soap, Milky Body Soap, etc, are produced in Japan. We continuously and strictly supervise our manufacturing system and stay on top of the latest machine technologies with full precision in order to maintain high quality for all of our products.

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Message from President

Everlasting Gentleness and Tenderness

We have been providing a wide variety of products for beauty, cleanliness and health since our inception in 1909. We hope to continue to provide eco-friendly products which are gentle to the skin and mind. We believe that the gentleness of each employee leads to the gentleness of the products. We put this thought into our corporate ethos “Everlasting Gentleness and Tenderness”.

We believe that a product reflects the heart of its producer. In order to produce high quality products, we are committed to create a workplace where every employee can work healthily with a rich spirit.

Some things must be changed and some must not be changed in our fast-changing society, in other words, that is the mixture of unchangeability and openness to new changing things. We insist on keeping the essence of our company values yet very open to new trends. As keeping a high quality and trust are our inalterable values, we will continue to provide safe, reliable and excellent quality products that are gentle to the skin and mind.

Teiji Miyazaki


Experience a simulated 360-degree vision.

Try to “see, hear, and discover” a 360-degree virtual tour to Cow Brand factory in Japan.

In this video, you will discover how our soaps are produced by skilled craftsmen at Japan’s largest soap factory.

Let’s take a look at the soap making ~ Video
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The Brand

COW BRAND SOAP KYOSHINSHA is not only committed to the soap making process and selection of high quality ingredients, but also to marketing activities with a unique and consistent approach that keeps up with the evolving trends. To showcase a few, here are some of our marketing campaigns in Japan:

Video Image
Main Sponsorship for COW DAY Event

A Freestyle Snowboard competition held in HAKUBA 47, Nagano, Japan, Cow Brand’s main objective in becoming the main sponsor of this event was to contribute to the growing community of snowboarding as a whole and help propel the launch of international snowboarding careers. Every male and female snowboarder, from renowned professionals to the local amateurs are given the same treatment and opportunity to participate.

Main Sponsorship of the PGA Junior Division Osaka

PGA Junior was first held in US of 2011 for children under 13 years old with the intention of providing them opportunities to learn golf in a fun, outdoor environment. A competitive league that utilises the scramble format, PGA Junior is a year-long event where more than a few renowned golfers have emerged. The Osaka division itself had approximately 100 participants competing in 7~14 tournaments.

Tokyo Station1
Tokyo Station2
Sekinoshita Bus Station (Yokohama)
Hakata Station1
Hakata Station2
Hyakumanben Bus Station (Kyoto)
Kyoto station 3
Shin Osaka Station7
Shin Osaka9
Advertising in Public Train and Bus Stations

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PT. Lifestyle International

PT. Lifestyle International

Cow Style Indonesia

Lifestyle International is one of Indonesia’s leading lifestyle companies that offers the best selection for skin care, body wellness and beauty products from a variety of trusted brands in Japan at very affordable prices. Established in 2011, Lifestyle International committed to make customers’ shopping experience as easy, quick, convenient and inexpensive as possible, while providing quality products made from premium and natural ingredients.

With the motto, “offering a safe and comfortable life”, PT. Lifestyle International provides valuable daily necessities and service for Indonesian consumers. With more than a quarter million population in Indonesia and abundant young population we would do strategic alliance with brand principals to distribute our products for the niche of Indonesia market.

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Cow Style Indonesia

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What's On

What They Said

What They Said

What They Said
Image Testimonial

SkinLife emang facial washnya nyaman banget Min, aku kenal SkinLife udah dari tahun 2015 wanginya seger terus busanya lembut❤❤❤

From Instagram

Image Testimonial

But, seriously sekarang tiap dari luar cuci mukanya pake ini dan karena sabun batang lebih tahan lama, cuci muka jadi tambah rajin! Karena yang warna hijau aroma green tea, jadi berasa banget refreshing namun relaxing, nanti aku cerita lagi saat coba yang aroma lainnya ya! Thank you @cowstyleid 😘

From Instagram

Image Testimonial

Baru tau klo Red Box bisa tuk wajah juga,, ku pake di badan kulit jd halus dan lembutt biasanya klo sabun lain habis mandi kulit jd kering. jadi sukaaa😍😍😍

From Instagram

Image Testimonial

Dulu sempat bingung cari yang cocok buat kulitku yang sensitif, akhirnya nemu Non-Annexed Moisturizing Facial Foam. Gegara beli Red Box soap❤️

From Instagram

Image Testimonial

OBAMA,, Oke BAgus MAntap..

From Tokopedia

Image Testimonial

Sabun ter the best. Ampuh ngerontokin daki.. ngelembutin kulit.. sekaligus cerahan. Makenya didiemin sebentar abis itu gosok., anyut tu daki. Selalu stock sabun Blue Box., karena emang cinta.

Nindya Ayu S.
From Shopee

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